Personnel development



Are you looking for a clearly structured management team and young talent with a desire for leadership?

The topic of leadership has become more and more important in its change. Leadership is very multi-faceted and requires a clear attitude and leadership competencies. Leadership of Future has already begun today. With many years of experience as a personnel developer, trainer and manager in a corporate group, I design the individual training concept according to the needs of your company. During the professional implementation, I respond to the participants and keep an eye on the goal. The participants are the success factors of the training.


You wish to go other ways?

Together we will track down your strengths, talents and resistances and find viable paths for you. With appreciation, empathy and systemic methods I support you on your way:
goal-, result-oriented and feasible.


Do you have the impression that you or your employees are stuck in a dead end?

A conflict has developed and you‘ve already tried everything?

Sometimes a third, neutral person can bring about mediation and a solution through dialogue. With systemic questions and a lot of appreciation for both sides, I work together with those affected on the solution. It is important that a third person cannot assume responsibility, the responsibility lies with the participants. I provide professional support with clarity, patience and the concrete goal of resolving the conflict.

Beate Kanisch & Partner spendet dauerhaft einen Teil seines Umsatzes an die Wohnungslosenhilfe der Erlacher Höhe in Calw sowie an die Tafel Calw des Caritasverbandes der Diözese Rottenburg-Stuttgart e.V.

Mit Ihrem Auftrag helfen Sie dabei, die Situation von bedürftigen und obdachlosen Menschen kontinuierlich zu verbessern.

Setzen auch Sie ein Ausrufezeichen gegen soziale Ausgrenzung!

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